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Joe Budden inks new deal with REVOLT

There’s life after Everyday Struggle for Joe Budden who was arguably the driving factor behind the appeal of the Complex program. In Everyday Struggle Joe was able to give insight to the industry from an artist perspective and asked interview question that only an artist would think to ask. This is what made the show compelling and after Joe’s departure Everyday Struggle wasn’t quite the same. After months of being in limbo most likely looking for the best possible situation Joe now has a new show in the works with REVOLT. Joe Budden announced on May 14 his newest venture with REVOLT and the creation of his new show State of the Culture. The REVOLT deal consist of Budden creating, hosting, and producing State of the Culture. REVOLT chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs gave his remarks on the deal.

“Finally, Joe Budden is officially part of the REVOLT family, Joe has an authentic approach and he’s never afraid to speak his truth. His many talents deserve a platform that pushes the culture forward and we are excited to produce next-level content with him”


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