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Tory Lanez: Memories Don't Die (Review)

May 25, 2018

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Netflix: Rapture (Review)

April 7, 2018

Hip-Hop, the new mecca of pop culture, has come a long way from it’s early days of not being recognized by mainstream media, radio, and record labels. Hip-Hop now has the biggest stars and sets all the trends. This style of music is the heartbeat, voice, and soul of generations of music lovers. Over years, there have emerged amazing talents in Hip-Hop with compelling stories. Rapture, the new eight-part Netflix series, highlights some of the biggest artists in the culture today. Some of these artists have very different backgrounds and have very different stories, but they all make major contributions to this culture we love. Rapture takes us to pivotal moments in each rapper's career during 2017. For a number of artists, 2017 was their break into the mainstream and Hip-Hop stardom. 

Rapture’s first episode opens with Logic, who reached a new level of stardom in 2017 with his hit 1-800-273-8255 off of his album “Everybody”. During the episode, Logic speaks on his issues with anxiety. We also get a first-hand look into the life of the Maryland native, his family, his team, and his grueling schedule. Watching this episode as a fan will give you insight and a new found respect for the amount of work it takes for an artist to give you an amazing album; then perform it for you on tour and make that amazing as well. 

The next episode takes us through the life of Nas and Dave East. In 2017, Dave East, who is signed to Nas, continued his tremendous push to the forefront of the culture. This episode highlights the importance of the OG’s of the culture to give game to those coming up and to be ready and willing to pass the torch. 

Hip Hop is often characterized as being too materialistic and holding little to any value in what's important and really matters. In the episode featuring T.I., we see a legend of the game using his platform to educate and bring awareness to one of the biggest issues plaguing America today, race and police brutality. T.I.’s growth is highlighted showing that those in Hip-Hop do in fact care and are actively looking to improve the world around them.

To make it in Hip-Hop you often have to have an unrelenting grind and put in work over a number of years. G-Eazy embodies this as we see his journey grinding for recognition in the Bay to touring the World with thousands of fans vibing to his music. The slow grind is often the most fulfilling and G is a testament to this. 

Probably the most important aspect of Hip-Hop is to keep your supporters happy. It takes a high-level professional to understand and accomplish this. Enter 2 Chainz, whose doctor told him to cancel his tour following Chainz breaking his leg. This was unacceptable to 2 Chainz and he set out to find a way to perform despite having very limited mobility. As a professional, 2 Chainz had a commitment to his fans to uphold his tour dates, and he did just that. 

In Hip-Hop there is no fast track to success you have to develop and hone your craft over a number of years. You also have to build and leverage relationships to help you climb the ladder. Rapsody through hard work and dedication busted on the scene in 2017 with one of the best albums of that year in Laila’s Wisdom. This episode takes us through her journey and newfound recognition as not just a female MC’s but a MC in general of the highest caliber.

Hip-Hop is one of the most diverse music forms in music. To make good Hip-Hop you need masters of the music. This episode takes us into the mind of one of the greatest producers in the history of the genre, the legendary Just Blaze. Just Blaze breaks down the music for viewers and we get insight into the creative process of other top and legendary producers. This is the aspect of Hip-Hop least understood by fans and you are sure to learn and come to realizations that you have never come to before when it comes to the creation of music. 

Social media changed the game for a number of newer artist. For the first time ever, an artist could get their music direct to consumers without the need for a major label or radio. The artist can organically grow their following and by the time the labels do come knocking on the door the artist now has tremendous leverage to cut a deal in their favor maintaining ownership and creative control. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is a part of the new generation of artist that have taken their destiny into their own hands amassing a huge following while getting him and his team the best possible opportunities. Hip Hop today is about a branding, knowing yourself, and knowing your fans. A Boogie has this formula down to a science. 









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