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Tory Lanez: Memories Don't Die (Review)

May 25, 2018

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Cardi B: Invasion Of Privacy (Review)

May 4, 2018

In 2017 Cardi B took the culture by storm with her smash hit Bodak Yellow. This record along with Cardi took everyone by surprise as prior to this she was known as a Instagram/Reality T.V. star appearing in VH1’s love & hip hop. Generally love & hip hop is where careers go to die but Cardi took the platform and flipped it on its head using it to springboard her still young and extremely successful career. Fast forward to 2018 Cardi B releases her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”. There were a lot of questions going into this project. Would she be able to follow up the success of Bodak Yellow? What will she talk about? Will it even be good? All these questions and more were answered as Cardi has now established herself as a bonafide Hip-Hop star challenging the mantel of top female MC. “Invasion of Privacy” opens up with Cardi giving us a hell of an opening record with "Get Up 10". Cardi speaks her truth giving us insight into her come up and really speaking on her trials and tribulations. This track will give fans an opportunity to really connect with her as we are given genuine insight on what it took for her to get to where she is with fire and tenacity being felt in her voice

Throughout the album Cardi speaks on the one thing most women can relate to, men being unfaithful. One of the more standout records carrying this theme is “Be Careful” where Cardi speaks on her relationship expectations and how she won’t tolerate her partner being unfaithful and that he should "be careful" with her feelings but also with their well being if he decides to step out. She also touches on similar dynamic on the records “Ring” speaking on the inconsistency of men’s attention as well as “Thru Your Phone” speaking on going thru your mans phone and what you happen to stumble across. Invasion of Privacy also has a great mix of features from a variety of different artists. Two surprise features were from Compton native YG & Chicago's Chance The Rapper. These features add a little more depth to the album as these are artists you wouldn't expect to see. However being that both YG and Cardi are bloods it makes since for them to grace the same track. Cardi definitely keeps true to her blood roots regularly omitting the use of the letter c in her language and appropriately titling two tracks on the album Bickenhead and Bartier Cardi. Cardi also stays true to her Latin roots putting on for the culture with “I Like It” featuring fellow latin artists Bad Bunny and J Balvin. “I Like It” draws inspiration from the 1967 Pete Rodriguez record “I Like It Like That”. Cardi puts her spin on this classic sample making it relevant for the Latin community of 2018. Cardi really brought it with “Invasion of Privacy” and now has everyone on high notice. At this point the culture will give her whatever she wants to take from it to further solidify her impact. It should no longer be a question does Cardi have what it takes? Cardi B has what it takes and more.






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